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We are a private health facility which provides outpatient physiotherapy. The content of our work is to diagnose your problem and suggest a therapy to improve your health condition. The essential part is also the consulting service and the proposal of preventive measures.

My physiotherapeutic beginnings date back to 2002 when I started to work as a physiotherapist in a sports club in Banská Bystrica during my studies, where I stayed for four years after graduation. From the athletes, my work path led to Austria. Eight years of physiotherapy at patient´s homes who were unable to undergo outpatient rehabilitation were a source of rare professional but also human experience. The decision to become independent was preceded by two years of experience in a private physiotherapeutic facility in Germany and subsequently by another two years in the Health Spa in Piešťany. During all these years I had the opportunity to attend several courses and trainings in Slovakia and abroad.

Mgr. Katarína Sebestyénová

Our team

Zuzana Kalač, DiS

LPG specialist, assistant

Bc. Ľubomír Mišút


Bc. Ján Vevera


Mgr. Lucia Borová


Barbora Budošová

Mgr. Martina Schuchmannová